Anna Berglas

Anna Berglas is in her second year of an English and Statistics double major, meaning she can always be found writing essays or integrals. There is no in-between. 


Maeve Reilly

Maeve Reilly is a student of McGill’s Cultural Studies and Sociology departments, as well as the walking trails of Mont Royal. The subjects she is overly-qualified to teach are, Beauty over Warmth? — Montrealers’ (re)structuring of winter priorities, List-making for the Nervous and Forgetful, and Society and the “Ship Edit:” a close reading of a modern medium. 

Pratap Singh
VP Internal

Pratap has yet to send Mcsway their photo and bio, so in the meantime, enjoy this lovely placeholder circle. Pratap's photography has been featured in our online magazine, Snaps. By the way, they need a Co-VP internal to help them out this year-- you should apply at the Exec Team link below!

The Mcsway Team


Lucía Linaje-Ferrel
VP Communications

Lucía Linaje-Ferrel is a third-year English Major and Communications Minor. She likes art and has illustrated articles for the McGill Tribune and poems for Snaps.

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VP External

Sam Lapenna
Project Lead

Sam Lapenna (she/her) is a graduate student at McGill in Occupational Therapy, where she hopes to one day implement animals as therapy tools in a healthcare setting. She is also an animal biologist and an extrovert who surrounds herself with friends of all sizes and species. Her best friend, a maltese named Angel, is both her trusty companion and source of inspiration. 

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VP Finance

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Co-VP Internal

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Project Leads


** Application window closed **
Thank you to everyone who expressed their interest! We are currently reviewing applications for 2022-2023 and are in the process of finalizing our decision. Note that if you gave us the wrong email address we won't be able to get back to you and may move on to another applicant! Thank you for your understanding.
Remember that if you are not selected, you are still most welcome to attend our events.
-- The Mcsway Team