Abe Berglas

Abe Berglas is in their second year of an English and Statistics double major, meaning they can always be found writing essays or integrals. There is no in-between. 


Maeve Reilly

Maeve Reilly is a student of McGill’s Cultural Studies and Sociology departments, as well as the walking trails of Mont Royal. The subjects she is overly-qualified to teach are, Beauty over Warmth? — Montrealers’ (re)structuring of winter priorities, List-making for the Nervous and Forgetful, and Society and the “Ship Edit:” a close reading of a modern medium. 

Pratap Singh & Sarah Paulin
Co-VP Internals

The Mcsway Team


Lucía Linaje-Ferrel
VP Communications

 Lucía Linaje-Ferrel is a U3 English and Communications student. She is always willing to talk at length about linguistics, animated fantasy shows, and why RM's mixtape mono is a lyrical masterpiece. She is a co-founder and editor of Mcsway's poetry journal, Snaps.

Lucy Kaskie
VP Finance

Sam Lapenna
Project Lead

Sam Lapenna (she/her) is a graduate student at McGill in Occupational Therapy, where she hopes to one day implement animals as therapy tools in a healthcare setting. She is also an animal biologist and an extrovert who surrounds herself with friends of all sizes and species. Her best friend, a maltese named Angel, is both her trusty companion and source of inspiration. 

Mercy Lingle

Noa Padawer-Blatt

Nora Bartram-Forbes

Moumita Sarkar

Noor Bhaghani

Solmaz Salehi


Project Leads

Sormeh Motevalli & Raphaëlle Béhar
Co-VP Externals


Mcsway at the October Open Mic, 2022.

Photo by Ben Tannenbaum.