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Crisp Morning, Cold Night, Warm Drinks

I could picture you in the crisp early morning First-sun hitting the rocky tips of mountain ridges across the inlet from our camping spot

Bright and early, light flooding into every crack of our surroundings Coffee, or tea?

A chilly, nippy and dark night The sky, cuddled under a blanket of sparkling stars, humbly demanding our eyes

Untainted by the glow of cities, the bright little lights shine clearly Their size so insignificant Placed in the palm of your hand like grains of sand But travel millions of light-years and it’s a different story Go all that way, but the star is decayed It took a while to reach you

While we gaze by the fire The flickering glow gently giving light to your neck

Something you can feel with no need for the intellect

Fleetingly catching fragments of your face tilted upwards

From Vancouver, BC, Tobias is a U0 student in general arts with no declarations as of yet. Despite frequently feeling deeply lost in the shallowness of human consciousness, he truly enjoys kicking it with his pals, finding good-eats and is on an unending quest for exceptionally composed chai tea lattes.

Photo by Alexey Chunihin on Pexels.


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