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Gemini Girl

I have 4 arms and 4 legs. I sit on the sky on cloudless nights.

Ruled by Hermes. I see things in double.

Who am I?

I am made real by the actions I take. Existing only to live in the grey matter of someone else’s mind.

A file in a filing cabinet. Updated by clerical workers as information is gathered.

Concrete and quantitative.

Superficial and appeasing.

Known only by my impact on those around me?

Do intentions hold my depth? Paving my way to hell? Selfish and truthful? Blunt yet realistic.

Formalities and small talk wither away, my intentions only leave essentials.

Immolating and calculating.

All-encompassing and terrifying.

Am I ruthless and real?

Are these mirror images? Gemini twins surrounded by stars?

I talk to my counterpart in the mirror not knowing if I am looking at myself or my alter ego. She looks, speaks and acts like me. Are these actions really her? I see not her intentions. I wonder if Gemini girl looks at me thinking the same thing.

Abi Young is a U1 History and Gender Studies student. She spends her time pondering, volunteering at the UGE, playing volleyball and writing. She hopes to continue to engage in creative outlets and write more throughout the upcoming year. Dug out from the depths of her notes app, this excerpt showcases a period of longing and loneliness that explores the theme of identity as a factor of internal and external influence.


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