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Knights of the Round Table

Take a seat.

we begin with a round of tea scalding

make it two cups brimming with joy hands

fly chefs fry the night begins beckoning buns

by the dozens food for the senses

company for the soul you’ve grown so

much since last time flows by fast

doesn’t it see now my daughter I’m so proud

a dentist soon remember when you painted together

at that place we pretend to nod between bites of beef

somehow uncle’s still going on about something

but the table erupts again and

hands fan like man can

you tell my cheeks are sore from laughing we’re

always honest when the table spins and chopsticks pin

the shimmering duck plucked plated suckling pig

more drinks quick

and mom’s friend’s son knows my bandmate from a summer ago

I correct them not cello double bass although you’re

Close speaking of this place stays

Open for how long more

than enough time for another dish platter sauce splatter

chatter grin chuckle spin the table until it runs dry

no worries we can finish outside

Goodbye and see you again my

congratulations take care

when we meet again you’ll know where.

Ethan Chen is a first year student at McGill with hopes and aspirations indescribable by a mere arts degree. He spends his time either climbing at Cafe Bloc, listening to jazz and hip hop, or finicking with fountain pens far too nice for his handwriting. He is an avid fan of spoken word poetry; Rudy Francisco, Guante, and Phil Kaye are some of his main inspirations. Above all, though, he hopes you have a nice day.


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