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that winter was cruel she took the light from your eyes

every morning i would shiver

when you entered the room

when spring bloomed tears spilled so plentifully i took you to the orchard and you were so pale i held your hand we gathered colourful fruits

longing for that effortless vibrancy

reminiscent of your eyes all those months ago

i watched you silently hugging the basket of fruit close to me i told you i loved you and all at once spring became summer as the sunshine returned to your sweet eyes

the next day we had breakfast together and you told me to stop talking because i was making you laugh while you were eating

the juice from the orange slices dripping down your chin was the same colour as the leaves which fell

from the trees that autumn

i wanted to tell you but maybe you wouldn’t remember after all, you didn’t see the smile on your face

such a pretty smile that day when you were just so giddy i’ve never seen orange the same way

Eileen is a U1 student majoring in English literature. She enjoys listening to Matt Maltese, rewatching Glee, and eating pretzels.

Image by Jill Burrow.


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