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Summer 2003

The air is hot and heavy, and mosquitoes buzz in the night,

rocking chairs squeak on warped floorboards. The lightbulb above them is naked, and they both ignore the sounds

of the party in the house behind them. The beer in The Father’s hand sweats, but The Son knows it feels cool to the touch;

relief in oppressive Florida heat. The Son’s fingers drum on weather-worn wood:

adult fingers, men’s fingers, a ringed finger. Dew shimmers on soft, artificial grass;

relief in suffocating Florida heat.

And The Son wishes he had some relief; relief

From Florida heat.

Ella Buckingham is a U1 English Literature major from Birmingham, AL. No, she doesn’t own Buckingham Palace, but also wouldn’t mind receiving some of that rent money.

Photo by Min An from Pexels.


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