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Editor's Note: Identity


Welcome back to Snaps.

Mcsway launched something new this year: a temporary workshop series modeled off of our old "poetry shares". It was a series that explored the myriad of different ways in which we perceive ourselves and the ways in which we feel others perceive us—we called it "The Identity Series".

So many of you responded positively to these workshops, and we are delighted that it was a good place for people to come together and create. It became a big part of our Winter 2023 activities, and as such I am happy to have two of this issue's pieces be works that grew out of those workshops: "Runaway" by Natalie Co, beautifully presented to us in various stages of completion, and Mass by Chanel Perreault, crafted over two workshops to produce the final version presented here.

From these workshops thus came the idea for this "Identity Issue" of Snaps. But we naturally accepted other pieces from beyond the workshops as well: also featured under this theme are Gemini Girl, night station, Chicken Breasts, and Die Auflösung.

I thank each author for their contributions this semester, and for sharing what "identity" means to them. It is a deeply personal and often difficult theme.

I also applaud this semester's workshop leaders, with a special thanks to Mercy Lingle for her initiatives in Snaps and her editing help.


Lucía Linaje-Ferrel



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