Illusions get clearer and clearer,

As they obscure where the reality lies,

In a world full of smoke and mirrors,

To really see, I close my eyes.

Lies ride the currents of air,

The noise that ensues spreads despair,

In this world where words inspire fear,

To really listen, I close my ears.

Whispers rule this rusty world,

Voices of agony remain unheard,

In a world which voices meaningless crap,

To really speak, I shut my trap.

Society tells you what to feel,

Like this, love that, you have to kneel!

In this world where my feelings are sins,

To really feel, I cloak my skin.

You may ask, why am I hiding like this?

What do I seek in that abyss?

The answer is quite simple, you see,

The answer I'm looking for is me.


Photograph by Pratap Singh